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Blog [Nissy]: Do

As usual,
When I’m going to write the blog

I’ll say “1, 2!!”
And reflect on various things
Think about them,

Should I write this
Should I not write this

This is good in this season, things like that

I’ll erase what I wrote
Write it then erase it, and repeat this.

“In this period in the middle of summer

If I write things like this
I should write more fun things!!” I’ll end up thinking like that.

People read this blog at various timings
And their feelings are various too

No matter how I write it
Will everyone who read it enjoy it.

I’m always thinking about it.

To people who are down
To people who are cheerful… and to people who are energetic, and to people who aren’t energetic…

Hmm, it’s endless. (laugh)


I’m always thinking “It’s difficult”. This blog.


I wonder if there are people
Who write things like that on their blogs.

I try to predict it as I please. (laugh)


Well then, what do I want to write?
When I think about it, frankly
I don’t want to write anything.. (laugh)

It feels like a monologue.
The blog.

I want to have a conversation. (laugh)
A conversation.

Usually there aren’t any person
That talks so much though.. (laugh)


Well, of course the style of writing
Depends on
The feelings to convey
The grumbles that are written
It will become something like a diary.

Well, grumbles are a monologue too. (laugh)


Before, I always
Bring out my feelings
I would write them out, as long as I’m within the scope that I can write.

I was young. (laugh)


I didn’t do any significant things
To be reported out.

The things aren’t significant to me
But they are fun to the people who listen to it.
Or they’ll think “Ooh”.


Or rather,

If I have a wife at home
When I return
While eating dinner
While being asked
“Today, what work did you do?”


I’ll say “Well, today ♪”
And I might have topics to talk about.

Well, if that happens
I would want to hear more from my wife,
What did she do today.

No, maybe I would want to talk about it.

Or maybe both…


What am I saying. (laugh)

When I read this again
It feels troublesome. (laugh)

Just write something. (laugh)

The things that my heart values
If I do them on that day

I wouldn’t write about those things. (laugh)

Well, I would tell it to my wife. (laugh)

It’s natural that
I’m living alone at home

But, when I think “Eh, I’m alone”

Rather than feeling lonely

I’ll think

“Am I alright?
I’m already near thirty years old?” (laugh)

I’m al—-ways,

al-ways thinking about

Things that get me excited like music, acting
This kind of entertainment

So about my own life
About a normal lifestyle

How do I put this,

Things that naturally happen? Hmm… rather than saying things are natural,

Contents that can be gossiped??

Things like “Now, it’s the SALE period”?

Like, a feeling of disorder??

Like ~ing? (laugh)

Like, “Where am I?? Where am I now?? Oh well!”.

This kind of feeling,

Is continuing for many years. Yeah.


There’s myself who’s doing all these though.
And I’m continuing it daily,
And wants to complete them,

Somehow I don’t like this kind of report. (laugh)

I only want to show what I want to show.


Sometimes this kind of blog
Will feel like a certain part of myself,

Still has a human touch.

This is me at a certain instant
So just browse through this. (laugh)

I didn’t change.


Somehow this feels like a mail. (laugh)

And so, today

I kept talking about music.

With this person.




Author: Nishijima Takahiro


Date: 2014-08-07

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Misako]: Various dates

Musical appreciation date with my mother.
Shabu-shabu date with my brother.
Dinner date with my friends,
Lunch, taking a walk,
Shopping, beach and such…

When there is time,
I can go to different places, and the people I meet, the things I do, the food, the topics to talk about, and the appearances are all completely different, and I feel active within me.

It’s great!

When I do this, I can take it easy. Furthermore, it’ll make me desire for work too. Lucky.

Are you enjoying the summer holidays??
Recently I went to the beauty salon, it seems that the girl beside me came to color her hair right after her closing ceremony has ended.

I was like that back then too.
The unnaturally blackened hair after the summer holidays was the proof of youth.

Sometimes I would be a bit envious of the period where rules and rails exist, and it’s a bit frustrating (laugh)

When I realized it, it’s August now.
Well it’s hot. I like walking while sweating,
But there were lots of sweat on my arm that’s carrying the bag
It’s surprising. Don’t you think so??

Anyways now I have to save myself from the damage of UV light, so I’m blogging while putting on a face pack.

And I’m also eating the chocolate bar my brother gave me.
Because he specially brought it during the time we ate shabu-shabu.

The pieces of summer memories, are all full of different colors, it seems like a colorful puzzle. Happy.

Recently on TV, it often shows the theme of doing things alone
It seems that to be doing things alone has become common more and more… But with this, you’ll start to yearn for the fun times when you share with others.

But I want to try it,
Grilled meat by myself (laugh)

When eating alone, doesn’t it feel like the “delicious~” in my heart will spread slowly throughout my body?
I like that.

If I do it, I’ll say it, surely.
I wonder if it’ll feel lonely?
Or, will I appeal to you all that it’s not lonely?

But, I’m completely fine with
Soba or set meal or curry by myself

So the borderline of going to grilled meat alone has gradually become thinner.


But no,
I always want to create memories with the people I treasure
In summer.

Anyways I will enjoy summer in various forms.




Author: Uno Misako


Date: 2014-08-05

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Hidaka]: Training camp

I’m Hidaka.


We’re in the middle of the summer holiday season…

To say what I’m doing now,

It’s training camp.


Self training camp!

Now is the time to focus and write songs, it’s a period like that.




Also I had various rehearsals.


Anyways, recently,

There are many times when I realize there aren’t anything I want to do other than music.

There were also weeks when I would search for hobbies other than music, but I couldn’t find it at all (laugh).


I’ll take it as a happy thing,


And will spend the time together with music.


Though I say this,

I’m active in the city,

So at night it’s been a while that I met with my friends,

In that area it’s also very fulfilling for me.

It feels like I just want to say “training camp” only.


The sound of “training camp” has been heard ever since the summer training camp of soccer club (laugh).


The hot days are continuing…


Everyone please also spend summer in your own enjoyable way.


See you.




The photo is w/KOHH at FM Yokohama.


Author: Hidaka Mitsuhiro


Date: 2014-08-05

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shinjiro]: o(*’▽’*)/☆゚’

Yesterday I had my first talk show in Tokushima!!

It made me seriously happy that lots of people came despite the bad weather ☆

Thank you very much!!

It’d be great if you all enjoyed yourselves~ ^_^

Let’s definitely meet again ☆

What will everyone do this summer??

I have a plan to have BBQ with the members and my friends!!

But, it’s only a plan (laugh)

Please let it happen (laugh)

Summer is great after all!!

I also love winter, but summer is great too!!

And so now I think that having four seasons is wonderful after all (laugh)


Well then, see you next week ☆




Author: Atae Shinjiro


Date: 2014-08-03

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shuta]: Beach

Hello! How is everyone.

It’s sudden, but this year I personally want to go to the beach~.

I wanna go to the beach.

I really love that feeling.
Eating shaved ice while saying “It’s hot, it’s hot”.

Also, I wanna swim!

I wanna touch water!

Are there any brave people who want to go to the beach with me? (laugh)

Ahh it’s fun to bury friends into the sand. It’s nice to sleep on the sandy beach. Also, it’s nice to see swimsuit gals and swimsuit gals and swimsuit gals.

Summer is nice.

If you have any summer stories please let me know so it’ll make me want to go to the beach ^_^

Well then everyone, let’s fully enjoy summer! (laugh)

See you.




Author: Sueyoshi Shuta


Date: 2014-08-03

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Chiaki]: Restless night and notice ☆

Recently it’s hot so I often end up waking up at night… (T_T)


“I woke up again~” Sometimes I would get irritated…>_<…

But recently from my friends,


I heard that if you hydrate yourself when you wake up, you’ll able to sleep well!

Furthermore, it’s healthy to the body to drink lots of water,

The water will reduce when you sleep, so it’s quite good to hydrate yourself when you wake up!


I don’t like waking up in the middle of the night, but since I’ll end up waking up, I should think it in a positive way

So I want to put my friend’s advice to practice (*^^*)


But the moment I thought that, I was already sound asleep (laugh)


I’ll try that the next time I wake up (^^)

Alright, here’s a notice to everyone ☆

From next week, I want to answer questions from everyone who reads this blog (^-^)/


From about work to about private life,

I hope to communicate with everyone lots in this blog ☆


And so~, please send in your questions through the application form at AAA Party & AAA mobile (o^^o)


The application form, will open from next week on 8/5 (Tue) at around 3pm!

Please ask lots~! I’ll be waiting~ (≧▽≦)




Author: Ito Chiaki



Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Naoya]: Kobe

Yes! Hello! I’m Urata Naoya.
Today was the Kobe performance of the solo live tour!!!
Today was also awesome. Every time I think this once again, I really love singing! That’s what I felt.

I’ll change this experience into power, and as AAA and as UN, I hope to continue singing songs that will bring people happiness.

Today I had a toast with the boss, who is essential to the solo live.




I spent a great time with this awesome time and awesome friends.

Well then see ya.


Author: Urata Naoya


Date: 2014-08-01

Source: AAA Blog


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