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Blog [Misako]: End of rainy season

It seems.
Finally it’s the real summer.

The happiness
Lasted in the blink of an eye and now I’m lonely.

No, it should be now.
If I don’t hold on to the present, you wouldn’t know what the future will be like.

And so
I want to put in effort and switch on my motivation for summer.
The switch on my right bottom.


This 1 week, many of my precious people celebrated my birthday.




It’s a happy festival.
And tonight with my good friend
I’ll go to a birthday dinner.

I’m sure today it’ll be a place where couples go
So I’m thinking of what to wear.
I’ll properly do my makeup.

I’ll drink down the champagne that I’m not good with, while being dazzled by the night view.

I’ll enjoy the adult night.




Author: Uno Misako


Date: 2014-07-22

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Hidaka]: The sea breeze is blowing

I’m Hidaka.

Everyone who came for the first half of the tour, really thank you very much.


For our ninth year, it’s our first arena tour.


It’s certain that it can forecast our 10th year and that is very important,


But everyone who came, please don’t be concerned over that,


As long as you can change negative feelings to positive feelings, I’ll be happy.


And, now that the first half of the tour has ended,


Personally my summer festival season has arrived,


So immediately, today I had a live as SKY-HI.








SKY-HI band!


It was a wonderful time.




During summer, because we can have live in various places,

I’ll be happy if we can meet somewhere.


See you!




I went to see the tuna-cutting show at the backyard.




Author: Hidaka Mitsuhiro


Date: 2014-07-22

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shinjiro]: Σ(OωO )

Thank you very much for the 2 days of Fukui ☆

Everyone in Fukui were really warm, and once again I received lots of happiness!!

Thank you ☆

With today, the first half of the tour has ended (-_-)

It’s lonely, but I’ve received lots of happiness for that amount, so I’ll change it into strength, and do my best for the second half ☆

Tomorrow is a talk show after a long time!!

I’m looking forward to it!!

Well then, see you next week ^_^


For the photo I wanted to take a selfie, but Naoya-kun suddenly came from the side (laugh)




Author: Atae Shinjiro


Date: 2014-07-20

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shuta]: Fukui

As usual, I, who is supposed to blog on Saturday, have nothing to write but about the tour. (laugh)

And so, in Fukui at Sun Dome, we had the first day of the live there.

I received the enthusiasm of Fukui in my body, and so it was a sweaty LIVE.

There’s also Uno-chan’s birthday the other day, so from the venue there was the NO-U call.

Everyone sang Birthday Song, and it became a special live.

Thank you.

During the dinner, the surprise cake also appeared, so from start to end, it was a happy day.

When I see people getting celebrations, it makes me happy too.

But, today I laughed a lot.

It’s also a day of roars of laughter.

And so, tomorrow please check it out yo.




Author: Sueyoshi Shuta


Date: 2014-07-20

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Chiaki]: Summer holiday?

Today we went to Ishikawa prefecture!!

It was quite congested till the airport,

It’s not usually like that, and it’s a weekday, so I wondered why,


Has the summer holidays already started!?


Furthermore from tomorrow on it’s a long weekend, so there were lots of families at the airport (=゚ω゚)

That’s good, that’s good, finally the summer has started (*^^*) !!

Summer festivals, and the beach, and rivers, and watermelon splitting, and shaved ice…

Recently the fluffy shaved ice is popular,


So this summer, I definitely want to try it (laugh)

Everyone please also have a fun summer (o^^o)




Author: Ito Chiaki


Date: 2014-07-19

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Naoya]: Rehearsal

Yes! Hello! I’m Urata Naoya!!!
Today during the interval between 2 filming, I had the rehearsal for the solo live tour that will start from next week (^^)

Yeah! This time I had quite a lot of confidence too, I want to do a wonderful live that will be cool, move the audience to tears with ballads, and be full of smiles from fun songs.
I was also able to talk a lot with the band, and I’ve also practiced many times so it’s become a good feeling.
For the solo live tour, the backstage plan was also decided, so there will be nothing to lose for everyone who comes, so please look forward to it!!!

This weekend is the Arena tour Fukui performance!!!
The first Arena 2days!!! We’ll firmly and perfectly get excited, so let’s have an awesome time!!!
I wonder if we’ll get to eat delicious fish in Fukui? The tour allows us to go to various places after all, so that’s also one thing that we can look forward to!!!




Alright! That’s the spirit.
Well then see ya.


Author: Urata Naoya


Date: 2014-07-17

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Nissy]: Uho

Cleaning the floor
Using the wet type of the quickle wiper.

The wet sheet now
Has fragrance
When I finish cleaning the house
It becomes very fragrant.

Recently I bought a replacement
Of the body of the quickle wiper.

Originally I used it
Since year 2004.

10 years have passed, finally
The neck that rotates
Came off…

But, it has lasted these long
For 10 years.

10 years ago
I was 18 years old huh.


The quickle wiper now is
It has evolved, furthermore
It’s structured in a way that it can even clean dust from the corners
It surprised me.


Germany won the W Cup.
After this, four years later…

At that time I’ll be 32 years old.

Maybe it’s about time to aim to be a representative. (laugh) (。-_-。)


Today at the Tumbling Final stage play
I appeared
As a guest.

Since that, including the training period
It’s been around five years.

At that time, I was 23 years old.



It’s like.

This time I got to see the stage play and appear in it,

It’s been a while
That I felt emotional. Rather than feeling emotional,
I felt various kinds of emotions.

From start to end,
As usual
I say things that make the atmosphere awkward. (laugh)


It’s been a while that I did a handstand.
I guess there’s no more chance to stand on that mat… probably..


Rather than remembering that time
How should I say this.

It’s been a while that
I met the staff members and
All the cast at that time

There were members I could not meet because of their schedules,

But next time, we promised to
Hold a meeting like a class reunion
So someday I’ll be able to meet all the members (^-^)


There were many things I wanted to talk about

But more than that,
We talked about what happened in the past
From start to end, the feelings of laughter, of earnestness, and the heartrending feeling
Couldn’t stop.

Hmm, what is this.

This feeling.


It’s not just nostalgia

The circulation of the blood that ran.



It’s hard to put it in words!! (laugh)


When I look back, it made me think a lot.

It makes me go in circles somehow. (。-_-。)
I’ve reached home and drinking roasted green tea
And I’m staring into space now. (laugh)




Oh well. (laugh)


Anyways, it was nostalgic
It’s great that I got to meet with everyone.

During the dinner meeting,
Shunsuke also came ^ – ^

All the cast, and staff members
Of Tumbling Final,

For the remaining performances

May there not be any serious injuries.

In order to welcome the final day safely,
Please decorate the final of Tumbling!!

Do your best!!


See you




Author: Nishijima Takahiro


Date: 2014-07-17

Source: AAA Blog


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