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Blog [Chiaki]: This week’s Q&A

Alright, today I also want to answer various questions without delay!!


Q. This year I’ve become a high school student, and recently I’ve started cooking!
What does Chiaki-chan wants to challenge next?

A. Thank you for the question, Sakincho-san!

Something I want to challenge huh~.
I’ve also started cooking, so I want to be able to make around 4 food items in one meal properly (^^)


Q. What is the reason behind Chiaki-chan’s name?

A. Thank you for the question SShan!

I was told that I was named by a fortune teller!
There were a few other choices too, it seems there were also choices like “Noriko” and “Hiroko”


Q. Are there any hairstyles that you want to try?

A. Thank you for the question, Manamin-san!

I want to try having a fully pink hair, but I’ll leave it at just “wanting to try it” (laugh)


Q. What is your best song in karaoke? (laugh)

A. Thank you for the question, Hinata-san!

Recently I haven’t been going to karaoke~,
But if I go I’ll surely sing Otsuka Ai-san’s Planetarium (laugh)


Q. When is a time that Chia-chan thinks that “I’m glad I’m born as a girl”?

A. Thank you for the question, Harupyonsu-san!

I’ll think “I’m glad~” when there’s a wider fashion range than man, and I can do various kinds of hairstyles and makeup, so it’s fun ☆

Also, at restaurants, when there are special desserts for girls, and when I get to have “Ladies first” (o^^o) (laugh)

That’s all for this week!!

Thank you for the various questions everyone (^^)

Today I got to give a live morning call to the people who got chosen in the Wake up! campaign,


But just from speaking I got to know various things, and got to hear the feelings of what everyone thinks usually
It was really fun, it was a great inspiration (^^)

When there’s a campaign like that again, everyone please apply (^_−)−☆

Well then, see you next week!!




Author: Ito Chiaki


Date: 2014-08-23

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Naoya]: Summer is not over yet

Yes! Hello! I’m Urata Naoya.

Yesterday as URATA NAOYA, I got to appear on OTODAMA at Yuigahama.




Well! It was super ultra fun. I sweated a lot but it was really comfortable and awesome.
I also played on the beach.




I also got to eat shaved ice, it was an awesome day.
At night I also had BBQ with the staff and band members.
I drank a lot. (laugh)

I guess summer will end soon? That’s what I thought, but the one who is still enjoying summer wins.
There’s still a-nation stadium, I’m still fully enjoying summer.

I want to go to the beach another 2 times. (laugh)

Well then see ya.


Author: Urata Naoya


Date: 2014-08-22

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Nissy]: Ki

Today I woke up in the morning

I drank carbonated water with lemon added in

I wanted to drink the supplement
That has lots of fermented milk in it

But it’s troublesome, so I drank carbonated water
And so in my mouth
There were lots of bubbles

Blowing… (laugh)

I wiped and wiped the counter

And suddenly “ding-dong”
It’s been so many months that

The intercom rang
What’s up?!

I hurried
To answer it

And so with all my might
I bumped my little right toe on the sofa’s foot…




And then,

In my head, “We Are!!” started playing. (laugh)

Why did that happen. I don’t understand.
Why at this timing
“We Are”….


“We Are!!!”

Like that. (laugh)

Ah, by the way it was the delivery. (laugh)

I wanted to shower

While brushing my teeth
I prepared for the shower,

Now, it’s shower time?

Even here, there was an incident.


I washed my hair, ah, somehow my left eye feels weird.
I wonder if my eyelash got in.

Or is it… my hair?!!!


The pain hasn’t come in many years


The shampoo
In my eyes!!!!

I seriously haven’t experienced that for a long time
But it was really painful.

After finishing, I applied eye drops
But it didn’t feel better…

I wanted to use the eye drops with hyaluronic acid in it
But the eye drop…….?!!



When I’m living alone
I’ll make a fuss without caring. (laugh)

I’ll be an uncle of 28 years old soon
But I’m making a fuss in the room, alone. (laugh)


As expected, at this time
Nothing was playing in my head…

It’s just a bit, just a bit?

Just a bit of pity.. (laugh)

And to the gym…

Protein before I start.

Protein after I end.

Without caring too much during the training

When it gets tough, “Ah! Ah! Ahh!!”

“Yosh!! Ohh!!”

“Ah! Ah!!”

Today you’re working hard too, Nishijima-san.

“Ah! Yes. ^_^; Ah!”

Like that. (laugh)

It feels like that. (laugh)

The other day, player Honda Keisuke
Had a super fast free kick.


I was so happy

That I watched the kick
Many times.


Alright! Not yet!!

Every day, I’ll do my best!!

Ah, the recent fireworks display at the shrine.
I did my best to take a photo, so I’ll upload it.

The photo with my back was taken by leader. (^ν^)

See ra

Ah, I said it wrong. (laugh)

See ya




Author: Nishijima Takahiro


Date: 2014-08-20

Source: AAA Blog


Blog [Misako]: Sweet potato

I made sweet potato potage.
Today started off with that and bread.

I love drinking hot stuff on a hot day.

I really wanted to make pumpkin soup, the sweet potatoes were cheap and I got charmed by the nice purplish-red color.
I also added in onions so it helps my blood circulation.

That’s good.

And it’s itchy too.
Yesterday at the park I was bitten by a mosquito at 3 areas of my left upper arm.

The weather was good, so after lunch with my friend, I relaxed on the park bench for a long time.

It’s become red and it’s still itchy.
I have to bear with it.

While being concerned about my left arm, I went off to recording.

It’s exciting.

When this song is released, I guess I won’t remember that my left arm was bitten by a mosquito at that time.
It’s natural (laugh)

During recording it’s delicate and it requires strong concentration, when it’s over my mind goes all light.
It depends on the song but for a short while I become dazed.

By changing the tone of the voice and the way to sing and through various trial and error,
I understand the pros and cons
But I’ll be really happy if what everyone likes is close to what I like.
That’s what I think.

Please look forward to the product.

Ah. After singing I’m hungry.

Today I have a meeting with my close friend.
I’m happy that I got to meet up often this summer.

I’m glad that I have friends near me whom I can speak with feeling to.
I’ll have a relaxing meal.

Let’s have a wonderful night.




Author: Uno Misako


Date: 2014-08-19

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Hidaka]: End of Bon Festival

The Bon Festival has ended.

I’m Hidaka.

I didn’t get to go back to my parents’ home,

But I did lots of first-times,

And many things I haven’t done in a while too.

It was a very busy week,

But there are only 2 weeks remaining of August,

So I want to give it my all and do my best.


This will contradict what I said,

But the other day, I went home during a break from work,

The sunset was beautiful, so when I opened the window, the wind that entered was comforting,

When I realized it I had dozed off.

I think recently I have been drooping my head while thinking it’s hot,

But autumn is already approaching.

All the students,


Please start thinking about your homework.

The summer holiday homework in my hands,

The persisting concentration of last-minute finishing,

And to appear that the homework was done flawlessly.

Things that force people to do it, such a thinking is not bad.


See you.




Author: Hidaka Mitsuhiro


Date: 2014-08-18

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shinjiro]: ( ᵅั ᴈ ᵅั;)~♬

Today I got to participate in the ONE PIECE SUPER LIVE ☆

To be able to get excited with everyone who loves One Piece, it really lifted my spirits a lot!!

One Piece, really brings energy after all!!

To be involved in such a wonderful work, it makes me really happy!!

It’d be good if you can get excited with One Piece from now on too~ ☆


Everyone, did you watch “Woman on the Planet” yesterday??

I did various things, right?? (laugh)

It’ll continue for 2 weeks, so I’ll also appear this Saturday!!

Please definitely watch it ☆

Well then, see you next week (^^)




Author: Atae Shinjiro


Date: 2014-08-17

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shuta]: Fully enjoying summer!!!

Today at the fireworks display at the shrine, we had a live!

When I first saw the weather forecast it read that there’s 60% possibility of rain, and just when I thought the weather might be clear miraculously, it rained~ (´・_・`)

“Can’t be helped~”, when I thought that, it’s still a small rain so that helped!

Because if it turns heavy, and when there is strong wind, the fireworks display itself will be cancelled, and so the live will also naturally be cancelled.

There was still time before our appearance, so I thought to eat some shaved ice, and once I ate that, the weather was clear!

Miracle!!! ⁽⁽◝( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◜⁾⁾

Right before the live, a huge rainbow appeared as if to give us its blessing, and because it rained so it felt cooling, and the audience was full of warmth, so it was awesome!!

It’s a fireworks display so I have to watch the fireworks before going back!!

And so, after the live, all the members and staff members watched the fireworks, and fully enjoyed summer!!!

This year I didn’t get to go to the beach, and it doesn’t feel like I’ll get to go later on too, so it’s great that I got to be immersed in some summer-like things this year!!

Everyone who came, really thank you too!

It’s also become a great summer memory for us!!

And tomorrow I have a dance so I’ll do my best in order to not to lose to today’s fireworks!

The event which was organized by avex and seven&i, Kids Dance Contest!

And tomorrow actually it wasn’t planned, but from the staff from seven&i, it seems like the showcase I did in Yomiuri Land got popular, so I got a direct offer to dance here too, so tomorrow I’ll also dance!

The viewing is free so please be sure to come!
I’ll appear together with Uno-chan!

See you!




Author: Sueyoshi Shuta


Date: 2014-08-16

Source: AAA Blog


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