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Blog [Chiaki]: January 10

Today I turned 27 years old!


Thank you very much for the many birthday messages (≧∇≦)♫


Every year in this way, I receive lots of warm words from many people, it really makes me happy ☆


I think 27 years old is already a mature age,


So from now on I want to become more and more of a support for everyone who has become my support!!

It was really a wonderful birthday!


Thank you so much (o^^o)♡




Author: Ito Chiaki


Date: 2014-01-10

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Naoya]: New Year’s Holidays have ended.

Yes! Hello! I’m Urata Naoya! New Year’s holidays have already ended. Did you gain weight during the holidays? (laugh.)
I’m doing so-so! (roar of laughter.)
From today on I want to be all fired up and do my best.
For the New Year’s holidays, I went to eat with my family, gathered my friends at my house, it’s been a while that it’s New Year-like.
And, I didn’t go anywhere! It was a wonderful sleepy New Year.
Somehow, I want this year to be relaxing! That’s what I thought.
It’s been a while that I went to drink with my friend.




It was fun!!!
Immediately there’s an event this weekend, so I’ll do my best!!

Well then see ya.


Author: Urata Naoya


Date: 2014-01-09

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Nissy]: Fast

How was the start of the year?

It’s already the start of work.

It’s also exam season.

Did you see the first sunrise of the year?

Did you have the first dream of the year?

I was fast asleep. (laugh)

Did you give any New Year’s gift? Did you receive any?
Or did you give yourself some?

Did you visit the shrine for the first time of the year?

Did you drink sweet half sake?

Did you eat rice cakes?
New Year’s dishes? Sweet red-bean soup? Mochi with soy flour?
Sweet soy sauce? Yomogi mochi? Kusa mochi?
Roasted rice cake?

Roasted rice cakes, recently there aren’t much.

Or I didn’t hear about it, huh. (laugh)

The start of year,
There are events? Lots of them.

Eat lots and lots
And when resting, rest your mind and body

I have to store power!!


Ah, did you do spring cleaning?

Rather, spring cleaning is what you do at the end of year, right.

1 week has already passed in the new year! Sorry sorry.

Well but…


Oh well. (laugh)



Did it.

Why is there so much dust accumulated.

Spring cleaning is,
When I get in the spring cleaning mode, it takes up a lot of time. To say what triggers me,
It’s at the timing when I went to buy livingware

Or at the timing when I went to the corner where it sells detergents.

“Have you already finished your year-end spring cleaning?! If you haven’t yet, wipe on the window once, and it will become beautiful!!” On the day I saw these kind of sale phrases,
The engine in me will soon start.


Recently, it’s so cold
That my hands become so numb
When I tried to open the door
Because I reached out my hand without looking at the doorknob,
With lots of force
I jammed the tip of my ring finger.

It was so painful, but I wanted to get in from the cold, so I endured, and this time I tried to open the door while properly looking at the doorknob,
This time it crackled with static electricity. (laugh)

This year, my first double pain. (laugh)

Things like first laugh or first awkwardness or first dream
Or first injury or first shrine visit

Anything will come with a first at the start of year.

Hey! That’s my first joke! Something like that?

Because of the first annoyance, I had my first fight and first cry
I was sad for the first time, and wanted to run, so I had my first run, and it was cold for the first time! Something like that…

Taking the chance, I went to cut my hair!
My first hair-cut!!

No no. That’s really

Too much. (laugh)


This year, already

How many first experiences have you had? (^-^)

Rather, everything that you’ve done after the start of this year
Is a first. (laugh)

Well then, everyone
Enter the mode full of first experiences!

First experience!!!

First excitement!!! (laugh)


Well then

Ah, Da-iCE

Congratulations on getting 1st place for ringtones.





Author: Nishijima Takahiro


Date: 2014-01-08

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Misako]: Happy New Year~

Please treat me well this year too~

It’s my first blog post of year 2014.

There are already many people who have started work or school. Probably most of the people.

A new year which started with a brilliant atmosphere more or less, it’s quick to feel that it’s ordinary.
It calms me though.

This year
Including the remaining things to be done last year, the things I want to do are lined up specifically, I want to overcome them one by one.

The happy mood after the new year started, has ended
From now on it’s going to become colder. Yeah.
I want a new and warm down jacket, but I also feel that “it’s kinda late”.

If I can receive some New Year’s money…
Already for many years, I’ve been envious of when I was young (laugh)

Today is the day of the Seven-herb rice porridge.
I love porridge.

There will be seven-herb sets, so it’s convenient.

Rather than seven herbs,
I want to put lots of spring onions.

And also put some kimchi and arrange it ♬

Since New Year’s Day, I’ve been thinking,
Japanese cuisine is nice after all.

This year I also want to do more cooking.

If I made some delicious things, I’ll report it.

Well, I start this year with this kind of feeling.




Author: Uno Misako


Date: 2014-01-07

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Hidaka]: Some days have passed since the new year

Finally it’s my first blog post of 2014!

I’m Hidaka.

After the new year started,

It’s been a year since I’ve returned to my parents’ home,

I wanted to relax over there,

But my nephew x 2 were too energetic that I was excessively tired.

The younger brother was energetic and energetic…

Anyways he was energetic.


Also, his face looks like my father. It’s atavism…!!


Inversely the older brother was calm to the point he doesn’t feel like a 5, 6-year old.


It’s like he understood what this world is about.

By the way, I only had about 1 night and a half,

But my mother cooks really well after all, I experience it with my older sister, and it touched me.

Also, speaking of my mother,




Her hobby has evolved.

After returning to Tokyo SKY-HI will have the tour and album going on,

So production production production…


I planned to be able to advance well with lots of nutrition received from going back to my parents’ home,

Somehow it’s easier to accumulate tiredness more than usual.


Somehow I’m already tired in the first place.



My power was absorbed by my nephew x 2…


He who underestimated the power of little kids!






Author: Hidaka Mitsuhiro


Date: 2014-01-06

Source: AAA Blog


Hi!! Please bear with me on the lateness of the entries… >< It’s my last semester and I’m currently getting overwhelmed by assignments and projects, so there really isn’t much time to translate nowadays. I’m really sorry. 

Blog [Shinjiro]: ((*゚∀゚))

Happy New Year!!!!!

My first blog post of year 2014!!


For this year too, please definitely take care of me.

And, everyone who read my blog will know, but from the 1st I was in New York the whole time~!!

I got quite a long break!! (laugh)

How did everyone spend their start of year??

Did you eat a lot of rice cakes??

I also wanna eat~…

In New York the temperature was also below zero, so it snowed, and it was so cold that it was troubling (laugh)

It’s fun though!!


I went to the hamburger shop called FIVE GUYS that’s famous in New York recently~!!

It was really delicious~!!

There were so many French fries, that some were jutting out from the cup (laugh)

I plan on staying there for a bit more!!


This time I’m mostly relaxing here!!

When I go back, I have work immediately, so for now I have to accumulate some power ☆




Author: Atae Shinjiro


Date: 2014-01-05

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shuta]: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Please treat me well this year as well!

Alright, welcoming a new year, how has everyone spent it?

In this period the TV will have lots of special programs, are you always watching them without getting sick of them? Are you alright? (laugh)

Somehow for the New Year’s Day we’ll end up feeling sluggish, but we have to be fired up now!


This year I’ll also be quite fired up!

As AAA and as Sueyoshi Shuta, I’ll do my best this year!


Everyone who watched Kouhaku and Record Awards, thank you very much!


I’ll do my best so we can appear this year as well, so please support us!

Also the New Year Party was really fun too! Have the fans enjoyed yourselves?

I wanna do it again!

And so, I’ll say goodbye with the photo from Record Awards and Kouhaku!

Please treat me well this year too!!




Author: Sueyoshi Shuta


Date: 2014-01-04

Source: AAA Blog


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