Blog [Chiaki]: Soy

“Soy” = That’s 豆乳 (soy milk)! (^ー゜)
When I go to the cafe, I often order the soy latte,
But there are actually many people who don’t like soy (´°ω°`)?


I like the flavor of things that are made from soybeans.


Because I love tofu and also fried tofu, so of course I also love soy milk

Ah, I love dried beancurd skin as well!!


Recently when I went out to eat with Uno-chan, when looking at the menu, “Chiaki, there’s dried beancurd skin!”, it’s always Uno-chan who discovers it for me first before I find it out myself (laugh)


During the time when soy was popular due to its diet and skincare effects,
There were various kinds of soy drinks being sold,
But I love the normal soy milk that has no additional flavors in it (o^^o)


People who don’t like soy milk said that there’s no taste, but aren’t there soy milk there have flavors and sweeteners added in to make it easier to drink?
Like banana flavor or chocolate flavor.


I’m actually not good with those (;ω;)


My most favorite is still the normal soy milk that allows me enjoy the flavor of soy beans d(^_^o)


Author: Ito Chiaki

Date: 2016-07-01

Source: AAA Party World


Judy: Hey people~ I’m back hahahaha >< So sorry this took so long, but this has been quite a hectic year due to work. I’ll be appearing and disappearing at random times, so please don’t expect too much of me. XDD 

But translating is still so fun~ After not translating for so many months, translating this post is sooo fun! :D 

I can drink unsweetened normal soy milk, but I still prefer the sweetened one. :P Even though that’s more unhealthy. What about you guys? :D 

Blog [Shinjiro]: Fate

There’s such thing as fate, right?

For example, when I’m thinking of going to England,
Around one month ago, it just happened that I made an English friend in Japan.

If I think about it this way, it’s also fate that I got to meet all my fans!!!

Because you found out about us through some occasion, right?

The people who has never seen us at all,
Was introduced by their friends, or watched YouTube videos, through some kind of occasion
Out of the millions of thousands of artists,

To be able to discover us and like us, I really think this is fate!!

I think it’s the same with love.

When saying “I want a girlfriend!” or “I want a boyfriend!”, it becomes hard to find one,

But when you found one at the time when you didn’t really care much, that is also fate!

I’m the type that believes in fate ☆

I wonder if everyone believes in fate??

I believe in fateful encounters!!

Author: Atae Shinjiro

I kinda believe in fate, haha. Well, to be able to meet AAA this year, I think it’s definitely fate, but actually I believe it’s more of a miracle. Haha. It’s just too unbelievable. It makes me wanna believe in fate even more.

Date: 2015-11-15

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Naoya]: Sea urchin

I used to hate it when I was around 20 years old!

It’s not that I dislike it without even trying, it’s that I couldn’t eat it at all.
It’s not about the smell, I guess it was about the taste…

1 or 2 years after that, I was suddenly able to eat it,
Now if I go to a sushi restaurant I will definitely order it!!

Probably, after our debut
I was able to taste the local delicious and fresh sea urchins
And I got addicted to it from then on,
And that’s why I’m able to order it every time I go to a sushi restaurant!

When I order, the first item is definitely the sea urchin!!!
The next is the salmon roe (Ikura), and next is Engawa (meat of fin of a flounder), and then it’s shellfish and egg, and after that I’ll think about what to eat. (laugh)

Now, I’m able to think that the smell of a sea urchin is also delicious!!!

I’m so mature~ (laugh)

Author: Urata Naoya

Sea urchins are delicious! I tried my first sea urchin in a famous sushi restaurant in Japan, and I fell in love with it. XD It was so good I ordered a second time :D

Date: 2015-10-29

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Misako]: Wedding

Right now, if I were to say how much I admire it,
I would say it’s increased to a bit under 60% out of 100%.

Before that it was only around 20% (^^;;

Turning 29 years old increased my sense of reality.

If I could divide my life into pieces,
I feel that it’s reached the timing where I should start thinking about it (laugh).

Even if I do or do not…

But right now I don’t have a partner,
So I can’t say I want to.

Everyone, how will you feel if I got married?

As a woman of suitable age for marriage
If I get married
How will everyone think,
How much of a topic will it become
How much will it influence

Maybe it’ll be a surprise news
Where it adds on to the fun (^^)

Well, it also depends on the partner.
I wonder what kind of person will he be to make it into an unexpected surprise.
Such a life where you can choose is also good

Recently, my good friend got married and also has a child,
But I guess I shouldn’t be anxious because of that.
I won’t overlap others with my life.

In my wedding, the western style gown is good.
I’ve worn the traditional Japanese clothes before, it was really heavy.. (laugh) But the man’s traditional Japanese clothes looked really wonderful.

I guess I don’t really admire the wedding ceremony itself.
If I have one I’d prefer to have a lovely secret one. (laugh)

I wonder when I’ll get married??
Hmm, nope!

After 10 days?
Probably definitely no!

But after three months? Or after three years??

Thirty year old Uno Misako (;;)
Well that’s also possible.

There are too many things lacking towards the wedding (laugh).
What should I do…
For the time being I guess I should go to a social gathering?? (laugh)

Like a Halloween party?

I probably won’t go. Yeah.

But Happy Halloween (⌒▽⌒)

Author: Uno Misako

Hmm, if Uno-chan got married, I’ll surely support. :) She deserves loads of happiness hehe.

Date: 2015-10-27

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Chiaki]: Image

In the 8 years after my debut,
The image that “I want to be seen like this!”,
And the image that others expect me to be,
And the image that was created of me,
These 3 images were all scattered and messed up (>_<)

When I was young, I wanted to be seen as mature and feminine,
But when I’m in AAA I’m short, so rather than being seen as sexy, I feel like others expect me to be cute instead,
So there was a period of time when I was irritated from the frustration of not being able to become the kind of person I want to be…

I think it’s really hard to merge these 3 images.

It was really hard to bring the “image that I want to become” closer to the others, there was an extremely tough period,
In the 10 years I’ve collected the good points little by little, when these 3 images became one, it felt really really good!!

Long ago if I become adventurous I would go towards an unthinkable direction, and I would hear lots of voices saying things like “Ah, this time Chiaki went for this kind of feeling, huh. It feels strange~” (laugh)

But now,
“Ah! This time Chiaki went for such a feeling! But this also suits her!” I’ve received reactions like that from around me!!

Really, an image is not something that is created only by your own feelings f^_^;)

“I will do it like this, I won’t care what anyone says!! What’s wrong!” this kind of,

Force? Aggression? There are times when it’s important, but I don’t think I’ll be able to go through 10 years with just that.

It’s because there are feedback from various people, and that I’ve also become someone who can accept others’ feedback
That I’ve become who I am now,
Because I’ve continued holding on to the image that I want to become within myself,
I can merge it with the other images little by little
And create lots of things happily ♬(o^^o)

Author: Ito Chiaki

Date: 2015-10-23

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Nissy]: Thank you

Thank you

Are the words that
Expresses gratitude.

When you feel thankful

You will tell the person
“Thank you”

This phrase began from
“Thankful”, right?

From what I remembered. σ(^_^;)

“Thank you”

It can be used very casually,

Because of the manners of society,

Even if you don’t feel it
There are times when
You still have to say it

It’s been used often
As a convenient phrase for people,

But don’t forget the feeling
Of the moment or situation
When you really felt thankful to someone…

And do remember to
say a “Thank you” to that person (^O^)/

Ah, don’t forget to express
Your thankfulness through
Your actions and feelings too!

Thank you (^-^)

Well then,
From me,
To lots of people

Thank you!!!

Author: Nishijima Takahiro

Date: 2015-10-01

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Chiaki]: Red


This is a color that I like even more after it becomes my AAA member color.
Last time it was a color that I liked among others, but now without hesitation, I would choose red immediately.
Like my bag or my shoes, I’ve got lots of red items!

I also chose my stuffed toy key-chain because it was wearing red clothes,
The gifts from Gacha Gacha were also red.

I probably have lots of red accessories too.

I have a feeling that to a girl, red is a mature color

Even if it’s things that are not visible, just by putting something red in my bag, I would feel more feminine.

For example a red lipstick, usually I wouldn’t use this, but if I use it occasionally, I will feel more feminine, and my expression will change too.
I think that feeling is something only a girl will understand.

Author: Ito Chiaki

Date: 2015-09-18

Source: AAA Blog