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Blog [Hidaka]: New Year?

Because now we’re in the “New Year”,

Does it mean that the whole of January is the “New Year”?

Or, “Aren’t we always in the New Year mood”, because there’re people who say this,

So maybe at most the New Year is until 5~7. .

Or the New Year ends after the first 3 days.

I’m Hidaka.

At any rate, January is ending!

The sound source of I’ll be there has been released,

It’s a consecutive release, so the songs from February have also been created,

The end of year was packed with those recordings,

I entered the studio knowing I can’t escape, immediately after writing I started recording, it was a hellish schedule…

O-of course I’m doing it with enjoyment.

The things I spend a lot of time on are precious and lovely,

But the things that are made instantly, and recorded quickly are a passionate production, which I also like.

The love for this kind of time,

Is somehow similar to romance.

Valentine’s Day is approaching,

So everyone, may you have a passionate February.

See you.


Author: Hidaka Mitsuhiro

Date: 2015-01-19

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shinjiro]: 。゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。

Good evening ☆

Yesterday because of work I was in Osaka, I visited the We Love AAA exhibition in Osaka as a surprise!!

I did various pranks (laugh)

I got to meet many fans, it was fun!!

Everyone! Those who are free please be sure to go visit it ☆

There are various things, so you’ll surely not think it as a loss ^_^

The photo is the outfit I wore during the opening of Kouhaku Uta Gassen!!

Completely white ☆

And, turtleneck which I’m not used to (laugh)

Turtleneck is really cute, but I can’t really get used to it.

Hope that I can get used to it this year (laugh)

Well then, see you next week ^_^


Author: Atae Shinjiro

Date: 2015-01-18

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shuta]: Recently

I’m addicted to grilled meat, in the first place I really like it, so the chance of me going to eat grilled meat is high.
Grilled meat is awesome.

Grilled meat is justice.

And, that’s me saying this.

My first photobook has been decided to be released on March 6!

The release commemoration event is also planned to be hosted!

It’ll be introduced in JUNON March release (available on January 23), so please be sure to check it out.
The details may be released any time, so don’t miss it on twitter or the HP!!

Bye bye


Author: Sueyoshi Shuta

Date: 2015-01-18

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Chiaki]: This week’s Q&A

Half of January is left!? It passed by in the blink of an eye!

In the first half of January I got to go overseas for a while,

I got to see a show and visited world heritages, walked around shops to see what things are popular now,

I received lots of ideas that can be linked to my work from now on,

I got to return with lots of motivation, so it was a good trip!

I’ll go off with full effort for year 2015 too (`_´)ゞ

Alright, this week’s questions will start from here!!

Q. Chiaki-chan, hello! (*^0^*)
Something that I’m proud of is that I’m really fast in flick input! (laugh) When Chiaki-chan uses LINE or mail, do you always use flick input? Or do you type on the keyboard?? And which are you fast at?

A. I use both! Depending on the place I know when to use flick input and when to type!
I wonder about the fastness, I guess for me it’s normal speed.
I already will type words wrongly often so if I become fast I’ll type even more wrongly, to the point I wouldn’t know what I’m typing… (laugh)
Thank you for the question Shizuka-san!

Q. I see that Chii-chan finds it hard to come up with a nickname!! I was surprised when reading the previous blog ◎ (laugh)
So does Chii-chan call your good friends by nicknames? Or do you just call their names as it is?

A. Yes, I’m bad at it (^_^;)
About my friends’ names, first I asked them “What are you called by?”!
I’m not the type to come up with a nickname to call them (´Д` )󾬆︎
Thank you for the question Messo-san!

Q. Somehow I have the image that Chiaki-chan has very little baggage (laugh)
Frankly ☆ What kind of bag is today’s bag?

A. Contrary to that I’m actually the one in AAA with the most baggage!!! (laugh)
Today’s bag is a black Balenciaga!
It’s my favorite bag that I’ve used for around four years already!
But it’s wearing off a bit so I guess it’s time to change ( ;´Д`)
Thank you for the question Shouko-san!

Q. A question for Chiaki-chan.
Do you usually play games on your cellphone or game console?
If so, please tell me your recommended game apps! ☆

A. I don’t have a game console at home so I don’t really play but on the phone I occasionally play “Threes”, “Wally2″, “Bakery Town”!
Threes will make me use my head so it’s quite fun!! It’s addictive so please be careful not to play too much (・ω・)ノ
Thank you for the question Tommy-san!

That’s all for this week~

Next week I’ll also

be waiting for questions (^_−)−☆


Author: Ito Chiaki

Date: 2015-01-16

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Naoya]: Because it’s cold

Yes! Hello! I’m Urata Naoya!
It’s already mid-January. It’s fast. Seriously fast.
Recently it’s cold, so the flu is spreading, so I’m searching for ways to have fun at home without going out.
Yesterday I wrote it on ameblo, yesterday I had a hotpot party with my friends and juniors at my home!!!
The crab was seriously delicious!!! I ate a lot, and laughed a lot, it was an awesome day!!!
Anyways it was fun, so I took lots of photos of my friends, but after everyone went back and I looked at my cellphone, there was not a single photo with myself in it. (laugh)

It was all about my friends, I wasn’t in any one photo. (laugh)

When I mailed my friend about it, he sent me a photo. (laugh)


Roar of laughter.
This is totally a hidden shot. (laugh)
I was all dazed and my face was interesting, so he secretly took it.
Seriously!!! (laugh)

Alright! Tomorrow it’s been a while that all the members will gather and film together!!!

I’ll do my best!!!
Well then see ya.

Author: Urata Naoya

Date: 2015-01-15

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Nissy]: Se

The Asia Cup has started.

4 years has already passed since then.

It was around when player Honda was 24 years old.
I was, addicted to soccer then.

At that time I was also 24 years old. (laugh)

If I don’t see someone who’s the same age as me
Who’s really active and doing their best
There was a time when I wouldn’t be able to calm down… (laugh)

This time I hope they win.

Do your best Japan!!!

Among that,
I was half forced and recommended
By my junior
To an anime
Which I’m really addicted to now.

The two of us in my room
Was almost fully focusing on it. (laugh)

Now, the movie is also just nice

On air

Aiming to watch that, I watched it all.

That is, addictive.

I really like, that kind of show too.

Yes. The title of the anime is

Pyscho Pass.

The movie was interesting.

I like, Kougami-san. (≧∇≦)

Well, it’s been a while that
I got addicted.

Thank you to my junior (^○^)

Oh yes.


I heard the conversation
Of boys who are younger than me

Once again
Something I thought about. (laugh)

By my own judgement
To decide whether this person is believable, or unbelievable,

For the details of it
Other than making sure myself

What I can affirm is that, it’s undesirable. Once again I think that this is obvious.

I only wanted to share
My thoughts and interesting things
After hearing the conversations from the boys

So please don’t be concerned, and forget it.

I’ll leave it to you to forget it or not. (laugh)

I’m just writing with a feeling of writing a diary.


The judgement here is also difficult.


To think of this as a diary
Or it’s not a diary…

Here too
There are different ways of reading for various people.

Words are really difficult.

No matter how you write to be similar to your tone
There are still times when you can’t tell the intonation and mood

So in the end, how to write it out
Can only depend on your imagination.

Well, it’s really difficult.


I’ll return to the topic. (laugh)

This may become an extreme example

But a friend who didn’t wash his hands for over 2 weeks.
I thought, “You’re kidding, right?”, but it seems to be true.
When that kind of friend
Happens to touch you,

・I don’t want to be touched by a hand that hasn’t been
Washed for over 2 weeks

・Even if you don’t wash for over 2 weeks
The hands will surely get dirty in some way
So it doesn’t matter

・If you don’t wash for over 2 weeks
Even if you don’t get dirty
There are surely lots of germs
So I don’t want to touch

・If you want to touch me
I’ll say that I’ll wash my hands first
And take you to the washroom, and wash your hands

・If it’s this person, oh well.

This isn’t complicated, it’s something simple,

But it’s difficult. (laugh)

Everyone has their own values.

That’s why,

This is, unbelievable!!
If you narrow your judgement

Your outlook becomes, narrow too.


This is really! Impossible! Of course according to the details
I can understand.

When there are people who will think in a good direction
There are people who think in a bad direction

If this becomes extreme

It’ll become a topic on personality
And you won’t be able to find an answer for it

The best way to not bring stress
To yourself

Is to think of the result
As a positive thing

I think that this is a way
For myself not to get stressed.

But, rather than
This being something that is manipulating myself

I think this has something to do with my personality
And if I go against this
I think it is also linked to bringing stress.

But, if I don’t think of it as stress
That it won’t become stress.

Rather, I don’t have to
Imagine in my head the word “stress”.

But, if it’s that effective
I’ll feel much easier. (laugh)

If my reason and instinct
Becomes out of sync, it becomes tough.

Somehow, if I listen to this kind of talk
In my own way

(Probably, to listen in my own way is my own values too. (laugh))

I ended up imagining various things
Such as that this kind of answer is hard to see. (laugh)

With this,

Once again I thought about
My own values.

The things that are obvious.

Once again, I thought about it.

It’s interesting.

I wrote in a
Really serious way,

Do you think I wrote it seriously?
Or do you think that I’m not writing seriously, just writing out my thoughts casually?

Rather do you see it as
Me writing when not thinking at all?
It’s not about anyone
But everything is, about
What happened in my own imaginary world?


Whether this is imaginary,
It’s up to you who read this to decide.


Today’s blog,
It’s not refreshing. (laugh)

Occasionally it’s alright to be like this, right. (laugh)

If you want to be refreshed

Eat ice-cream!!!

I’ll eat chocolate ice cream now. (laugh)

Ah, this weekend
It’s been a while that I will meet the members

Actually, just now
I met with Atae. (laugh)

See you


Author: Nishijima Takahiro

Date: 2015-01-15

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Misako]: Can’t stop

My desires (>_<)
Why is that?
Everyone has various desires,
But now I

Can’t stop my materialistic desires.

Basically that’s what I always have, but now it’s hard to control it (>_<)

I’ll get them thinking they will surely make me more positive.
When I don’t hesitate I’ll get tempted to buy things.
I can’t say that I can control it.

I’m hijacked by my materialistic desires.
Well it’s my desires, so whether to obey or defy, it’s all for my own sake so it’s alright (^^;;

Now I’m watching repeatedly one by one the many movie DVDs that I bought.

At first I was really immersed in the storyline and was enjoying getting my feelings swayed, but after watching it twice, I could see the delicate acting of the actress, and imagine the various intentions of the staff, and is attracted to the wonderful wording of English, for this kind of movies, no matter how many times I watch it I won’t get sick of it.

Usually for watching movies by myself I want to go to the cinema,
But this year I started watching movies by myself at home.

I guess my way of spending time alone has gotten better again.

By the way today’s lunch,
I ate at the counter by myself.
On my two sides were men wearing suits who were probably really busy and enjoying a brief moment of lunch. I was also influenced by their speed of eating. This is also fun.

The time when I’m with someone
And the time when I’m alone
The extreme feelings will visit alternatively, so while laughing that it’s just doing as it pleases, I’ll keep all this freedom (^^)

Speaking of which I want to eat sweet red-bean soup.

I wanted to eat it so much that I bought red beans and slept in the kitchen. If I make it I can store it and I can warm it with the microwave so I’ll surely be happy with such a breakfast.

Well, while it’s still winter (^^;;

I won’t drag anyone in
So isn’t it alright to do it at my own pace??
My obstacle is slow speed after all.

Well then I’ll return to the movie time.
Everyone please have a warm night.


Author: Uno Misako

Date: 2015-01-13

Source: AAA Blog


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