Blog [Nissy]: Thank you

Thank you

Are the words that
Expresses gratitude.

When you feel thankful

You will tell the person
“Thank you”

This phrase began from
“Thankful”, right?

From what I remembered. σ(^_^;)

“Thank you”

It can be used very casually,

Because of the manners of society,

Even if you don’t feel it
There are times when
You still have to say it

It’s been used often
As a convenient phrase for people,

But don’t forget the feeling
Of the moment or situation
When you really felt thankful to someone…

And do remember to
say a “Thank you” to that person (^O^)/

Ah, don’t forget to express
Your thankfulness through
Your actions and feelings too!

Thank you (^-^)

Well then,
From me,
To lots of people

Thank you!!!

Author: Nishijima Takahiro

Date: 2015-10-01

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Chiaki]: Red


This is a color that I like even more after it becomes my AAA member color.
Last time it was a color that I liked among others, but now without hesitation, I would choose red immediately.
Like my bag or my shoes, I’ve got lots of red items!

I also chose my stuffed toy key-chain because it was wearing red clothes,
The gifts from Gacha Gacha were also red.

I probably have lots of red accessories too.

I have a feeling that to a girl, red is a mature color

Even if it’s things that are not visible, just by putting something red in my bag, I would feel more feminine.

For example a red lipstick, usually I wouldn’t use this, but if I use it occasionally, I will feel more feminine, and my expression will change too.
I think that feeling is something only a girl will understand.

Author: Ito Chiaki

Date: 2015-09-18

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Naoya]: “Aitai Riyuu”

“Aitai Riyuu”
My dream since middle school was to enter the Komuro family
And it was fulfilled by this song when I was 27 years old.

Even my friend from my hometown said, “You really fulfilled your dream of being in the Komuro family!” (laugh)
During my first year in middle school, I would go to Komuro family’s live with my friend!
At that time, it was the period where “Wanting to be a singer” = “I want to be in Komuro family!”.

The first time I met Komuro-san was when I was a middle school student, and the first time we got to work together was when I was 27 years old, and now I also got to perform together with him in live performances… I feel that this is really wondrous.

Because when I was in middle school, I wouldn’t have imagined that it will become this way…

I think I’m amazing (laugh)!!

Author: Urata Naoya

Naoya’s so cute~ XDD

Date: 2015-09-17

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Nissy]: Ji

It’s been a while since I’ve translated (gomen ne~), so I figured I’d start off with the member who always writes super long blog posts. XD

Also, it seems they’ve replaced the AAA Party Blog with the AAA Dictionary Blog…. these new blog posts doesn’t make you feel as close to the members as before though, in my opinion. I’d probably miss Nissy’s long posts, Naoya’s “see ya” at the end of his post, Chiaki’s q&a and Shinjiro’s emojis on his blog titles, and many more things. Well, it’s a new concept so it’s pretty interesting too.

Okay, enough of my thoughts. Let’s start! :D

From the end of August onwards
The chance of rain is quite something.

During dawn there was already thunder too.

In the downpour, on the highway
Because the rain accumulated too much, the car was floating a bit.

Everyone please be careful.

Recently, I got to speak to people
More frequently.
There are times when I can say it’s because of this
And times when I can’t say this

But when writing the blog
It’ll always be because of this that I’m updating late. σ(^_^;)


10 years,

Lots of things have changed. The people and surroundings near me.
Because so much time has passed to allow all these changes.

On the contrary, there are also times when
The people and surroundings near me did not change at all.
But, after these 10 years
It also made me see that these things have not changed.



At this moment
My hand had stopped,
And I had fell asleep… I’m sorry.

My mistake! σ(^_^;)

There are many memories
That I recall,

But compared to the number of things
That I’m currently doing that’s packed in my head

Frankly, there’s not much memories
Left in my head if I don’t try to recall them,

Now in my mind,
It’s filled with the current things
And lots of things that will happen in future.

If I say too many negative things
There will be worry from others, and sometimes it can become annoying

If I say too many positive things
It can become boring and people can get tired of it

So rather than the truth
It’s better to continue to balance between the two

The perseverance to continue in this way
Was tremendous, I guess.

Every day, I went to work
At the pace where it’d be good to have a break in 3 months
At the time where this continued on, and the time when repeatedly there wasn’t any rest at all

When I reached home

I started thinking, “What am I doing?”
When I was at a loss
Rather than feeling lonely, conversely

I felt relieved,

And also felt anxious
When there were some things that were unclear to me

It got so full and packed
That I wanted to run away

In these 10 years
Quite a lot happened, after all.. (laugh)

There was also a time when it seemed like my love life might start
But I guess,

Rather than finding time
For private life

I wasn’t able to find space
In my mind for it

Well, I put time
For various things

For the people who like my job

I got to look and
Remember various things
I spent lots of time
Experiencing different things.

Of course.
I made time for my family as well,

But even with this,
I had to be cautious with various things too.

Well, I won’t leave. (laugh)

No matter what I do or where I am.

Where there are fun times
There are more bad times

Even when it’s not fun
I would upload fun photos

When I was really having fun
Conversely I would upload weird faces. (laugh)

Everyone too,

If you are in an uneasy environment

Or when you are struggling

Or when you are sad,

If there was an empty space within you

At those times
Maybe it’s my voice

Or the members’ voices

Maybe there were times

When you watched various things
And filled up your empty space with them.

Maybe you watched or listened to us
When you wanted to become silly.

Maybe you watched and listened to us a lot
When you wanted to escape from reality.

Maybe you listened to our songs
When you couldn’t sleep.

After school, on the way to school,

When going to work,

During your break,

When talking to your drinking buddies

During a drive

During a marathon

When singing karaoke

When watching our videos with friends

When trying to learn the choreography

When showing people new things

When tidying the house

When things don’t go well

When you don’t feel like caring about anything,

When you are working overtime,

During the break from your part-time job

When you watched and listened before you sleep and ended up not being able to sleep
And morning came


It’s endless. (laugh)

I am really happy that you listen to us, watch us when you want to

I am really happy that you unconsciously replay our works

If, it’s true that

Our works
Our voices

Casually enters everyone’s daily life

Then I really feel that

I’m glad to have
Continued doing all these things.

Once again,

Thank you.

Though it feels uneasy
That we don’t know
What it will be like in future


Most probably…

It will be alright (^-^)

Don’t worry.

There may be many things
That we might not be able to satisfy you

But currently

We are moving our mind and body
To our utmost.

I think that everyone’s ideal

Is around 10 million. (laugh)

I don’t know

If my body can take that much


No matter what shape
Or what situation

Even if there is change in various things
Due to time

Leave it to me.

Just kidding.

The person who say this
Is the weakest one…

There are probably people who may think that. (laugh)

But really, there are around 10 million ways
How you view my post! (laugh)

It’s really

Troubling. (laugh) (。-_-。)


Something that I can definitely say is

I will fight!!! (^○^)

Please watch over me!!! ^ – ^

This is embarrassing. (laugh)

For an old man, that’s turning 29 years old. (laugh)

This is my blog post before we welcome our 10th year.

Well then,

For the people attending Yoyogi, at Yoyogi.

For the people attending Fuji-Q, at Fuji-Q.

For the people another time, then next time.

See you

Author: Nishijima Takahiro

Whew, that was long :D But so worth it. So glad to choose Nissy’s post to translate. It’s kind of inspiring because I’m currently a bit depressed lately haha. XD Really thank you, Nissy, for such a wonderful post. ^^ Arigatou~

Date: 2015-09-10

Source: AAA Party Blog

Blog [Shinjiro]: (•⚗ั౪⚗ั•)

Good evening!!

Everyone, are you enjoying your summer holidays?!

Everyone who’s working, are you alright in this heat?!

It’s really so hot recently, that I don’t have the motivation to do anything (laugh)

I hope winter comes soon….. (laugh)

Among that, yesterday I saw fireworks from my friend’s house!!

It’s been a while that I saw fireworks from such a close distance, that I felt touched!!

Somehow, in the photo you can’t really tell that it’s nice, but it was really beautiful ☆

Everyone, have you done your summer-like stuff?!

It’s hot, but let’s enjoy summer!!

Well then, see you next week!!

Date: 2015-08-09

Source: AAA Blog

Blog [Shinjiro]: (˃∀˂★)Շ^✩

I really apologize and am really sorry for the lack of update. It’s about time to start. Let me just take a random recent post, and start translating. ^^ Time to get back up to date with AAA. 

Yesterday we had live at Hokkaido!!

It was awesome!!

It was only one day, but were everyone able to enjoy yourselves?!

Let’s meet again!!

The remaining places are, Sendai and Tokyo.

It’s fast!!

Even though it’s only just started recently!!

We’ll give you awesome live concerts for the last 4 performances ☆

The photo was taken when I went to the hairdresser during the interval between work recently.

Recently I was very busy, so I can’t come to the hairdresser often anymore, so this time I got to dye my hair!!

This was before I got my hair dyed (laugh)

Well then, see you next week!!

Author: Atae Shinjiro

Date: 2015-06-28

Source: AAA Blog


Hi there!! Judy here. :D


Thank you so much for reading my translations. ^^ I’m so happy I got to translate so many AAA blog posts and got so many people to read them as well. And also I’m really sorry that the translations are not up to date at all.

I’ve got an announcement to make regarding what I’ll be doing on this website from now onwards.


As you all probably know, recently AAA has opened up its official fanclub to overseas fans! Not only that, the contents, including the latest member blog posts, will be translated! :D That really makes me very happy because it allows us international fans to get closer to them. Here’s the link to the fanclub if you haven’t signed up yet.


Well, since now it’s quite easy to get access to the latest translated blog posts, it doesn’t seem necessary for me to translate all the posts anymore, is it?

At the same time, I’ve been struggling to find time to translate because I don’t have as much time as before due to work and other commitments.



But of course, I won’t stop translating. I still want to improve my Japanese, and I really like translating AAA blogs.

Just that, I won’t translate every single post.

I’ll select some posts that I want to translate (of course, I won’t be biased towards just one member).
Since I don’t have so much time, I’ll only post occasionally instead of daily.

Of course, I’ll take requests of specific posts if you want (not old blog posts though, unfortunately, as I won’t be continuing my Japanese fanclub membership).


Hope it’s alright with you. ^^ Also, I’m really sorry that I can’t translate all the posts.

If anyone has any comments and feedback, please feel free to share. :D Or if you’re against this idea, also please let me know. (You can also direct message me on twitter if you want to keep it private.)


Thanks for reading this long post. In summary, from now on, I’ll be occasionally updating this place with translations of selected blog posts. For full and updated blog post translations, please sign up for AAA Party World.


Thank you so much. :)