Blog [Shinjiro]: ∑d(・д・´,,) ок★

I think everyone already knows, finally from yesterday on, AAA TOUR 2013 Eighth Wonder has started~!!
Yesterday and today too it was all full of excitement~ ☆
Live is awesome, after all~ (^.^)
It’s too fun~!!

Everyone, who came! Thank you very much!
Let’s meet again~!

Next is a live at Shuta’s hometown, Nagasaki~! Let’s raise our spirits from now on~!

The goods created are also cool this time, so everyone please check them out~!
Also, the photobook ATAE BEST will be on sale at the venues that the handshaking event was not held at too, so those who have not gotten it yet, please be sure to get it!

The photo is, the supportive messages board, that the fans, who got chosen for the fanclub’s official toast event, wrote for us!

When I read this before the real show, my spirits are raised!
Thank you!
Well then, see you next week!!




Author: Atae Shinjiro


Date: 2013-04-21

Source: AAA Blog


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